Thursday, June 25, 2009

Inherently Perfect

Inherently Perfect

It’s not all blood and sorrow
And it’s not all yellow sun
The world I live is full of colour
And hermits everyone
Each pair of hands a purpose
And each set of eyes a view
The wind can blow me down
Or push me through
The tears I cried today
Are memories forgotten
And as I laugh again
I laugh with you
And how my fingers slow
At words beyond my pace
How voice reveals
My soul displaced
As waves together
Storms bring joy
And child forever
You can work beside me
We’ll dance till dawn
And quietly sing our
Sorrowful songs

For them - I would give my life
For you - I would carry your pain
For me - I would know my tribe
For us – let’s ride this train

I’d give my heart
For one chance to hold yours
I’ll carry your sight
When you have none more
Listening to love in flight
A world inherently perfect
gives me no meaning
leaves me no goodbye
when our paths entwine
let ebb and flow
as waves and wind
and child who knows
no other way

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